About Us

About us
following the downfall of the once famous Wildaboutbritain website,
we decided to create our own forum to provide any wildlife fans somewhere to get together and share their interests,

our early efforts met with several setbacks, one was being attacked by hackers, who deleted all of our data etc,
our second attempt ended with our server catching fire, and destroying all our date again. including our backups !
needless to say, we were reluctant to start again, but after a short break, we created Wildlifebytes as you see it today,

we have from the very beginning, always listened to what our members want to see on the forum regarding features and/or improvements,
often putting up a voting poll for members to choose what they feel is right for the forum,
and welcome any suggestions for additions or improvements at any time, and of course, any criticisms of the forum you may have,

and unlike many other forums that appeared around the same time, we decided to give users the ability to upload their images directly to the forum itself, with no limits per month etc
where they are stored on own forum server,

and also to have our own image galleries, along with users own personal album(s),
no having to upload your images to something like photo bucket, Flickr etc, where they could be lost, or as has happened in some cases make their members pay to host their images with them !
Wildlifebytes is free to join and use, and always will be,

when using other forums ourselves we disliked having ads and pop up boxes appearing when we used them, so this was another factor we felt we should be implemented on Wildlifebytes,
NO ads, pop ups etc ever ! and no tracking either !

members privacy was also considered a must have, and other than their login info, which is securely stored on the saver, which even we cannot see,
your privacy is as important to us as it is to yourself, we use the https protocol on the forum, so your data used when logging in is secure,
and while we use cookies, these are only used for log in purposes when you visit the forum, and collect no personal data,
we have no tracking cookies of any kind, nor do we share sell or otherwise collect any of you personal data with any 3rd party at any time,
and unlike facebook etc, we dont track you around the web either,
your own email address is private and is unseen by any other users or visitors to the site,

although we are based in the heart of England, in the Bassetlaw region of the North Midlands, (where several of our long time members hail from)
we welcome users from anywhere in the UK, no matter what their experience or knowledge, from outright beginners to the expert, all are welcome.

your own images can be attached to any post you make, or added to our gallery, either in the A-Z section there , or to your own personal album(s)
of which you have full control of at all times, you can add or delete your images at any time you wish,
plus we do not claim ownership of any image you upload to the forum or gallery, they remain your property at all times,
(please ask the image owner of any images permission to use it before downloading any image from the forum)

well thats about it :)
if you would like more info on any aspect of the Wildlifebytes form, then please use the "Contact Us" button which you can find at the botton of the forum.